Yo Low Pannier

Bicycle Pannier fix
Who repaired it?

I did

How long did the repair take?

2 min

How much did it cost?


How was the object repaired?

The lower bars of my pannier rack on my bike had come loose and it was either going to be a replacement or getting a mate to do a quick welding job. Using cable ties I managed to secure it tightly enough and it lasted me the good part of a year.

Why did you repair the object?

I couldn’t afford a new rack at the time so I needed a quick fix.

Why do you think it is important to repair things?

To keep things in use for as long as possible.

What would be important to you to be included in a Repair Declaration for Ireland?

To make spaces available, with the correct tools and mentors, for people to repair their own goods.

What actions do you think could help Westmeath achieve a vibrant repair culture?

Fliers and posters in places to spread the word about the merits of repairing things.