Wooden sword

Chewed wooden sword
Repaired sword
Who repaired it?


How long did the repair take?

About 1 hour inc drying times

How much did it cost?

I had all I needed

How was the object repaired?

I used wood glue to glue broken pieces together. When dry, l sanded the rough edges. I used a quick dry premier filler to fill dog bite dents and where there were small pieces missing that couldn’t be ruled back on. I gave a light sand again and then covered the filler and wood with a very light coat of left over wood stain I had.

Why did you repair the object?

Unfortunately the toy sword wasn't put away and our dog chewed it. It was a recent gift and my child was very upset.

What would be important to you to be included in a Repair Declaration for Ireland?

Much more initiatives and financial incentives to help businesses and start ups join the circular economy.