Refurbished Furniture

Who repaired it?


How long did the repair take?

A few hours to paint

How much did it cost?

The paint was around €30

How was the object repaired?

I painted the wood by using an undercoat for wood, and then for the top layer I painted the wood a beige colour

Why did you repair the object?

I was redecorating my bedroom and my theme was dark mahogany wood, with beige and neutral wall and furniture colours. This piece of furniture no longer matched the room so I painted it so the decor would match the redecorated bedroom.

Why do you think it is important to repair things?

The cost of painting this versus the cost and time of finding a new similar piece of furniture and purchasing

What would be important to you to be included in a Repair Declaration for Ireland?

That it is important to repair items where possible to prevent waste

What actions do you think could help Westmeath achieve a vibrant repair culture?

Promoting repair in Ireland and showing examples

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