iPhone Charger

Who repaired it?

I did

How long did the repair take?

2 min

How much did it cost?

Minimal (black tape)

How was the object repaired?

Used black tape to secure the broken wire, which was exposed

Why did you repair the object?

Because chargers are expensive and I need my charger as my phone battery lasts only a few hours.

Why do you think it is important to repair things?

Discarded materials often end up in landfill, which is unsustainable

What would be important to you to be included in a Repair Declaration for Ireland?

Lobby for better quality materials so as we don’t have to repair so often. These phone chargers always break in this place, so there is a material weakness here.

What actions do you think could help Westmeath achieve a vibrant repair culture?

Create spaces to repair outside of looking at youtube to figure out how to fix things