Children’s shoes

Who repaired it?

I did

How long did the repair take?

4 min

How much did it cost?

Zero (just some gaffer tape)

How was the object repaired?

Gaffer tape around damaged areas.

Why did you repair the object?

These are expensive shoes that fit my son perfectly and our dog chewed the straps, so we taped the straps so as they still feed through.

Why do you think it is important to repair things?

These were perfectly good shoes before they were chewed and they are still usable when taped. Throwing out good shoes does not make any sense – they were not very worn and still fit.

What would be important to you to be included in a Repair Declaration for Ireland?

Lobby for repair kits for particular items e.g. shoes, particularly children’s shoes. Often parents purchase one good pair of shoes that have been measured to fit their child.

What actions do you think could help Westmeath achieve a vibrant repair culture?

Support shoe repair shops.