Bike light shines again

Sugru bike light strap
Repaired strap securely mounted on my bike!
Who repaired it?


How long did the repair take?

5 minutes

How much did it cost?

4 euro

How was the object repaired?

My bike light has taken a lot of banging around and a while ago the rubber strap that holds it on my handlebars had finally snapped. I’d tried using twist ties to hold the light on but that didn’t really work. I got some Sugru and shaped an extension to the remaining rubber strap and that has done the trick.

Why did you repair the object?

The rubber strap is specific to the light, and I couldn't find a replacement for it. The light itself still works and was very expensive.

What would be important to you to be included in a Repair Declaration for Ireland?

Repair is satisfying. It feels way better to fix a thing than just buy a new one of the thing.