Féile 2022

Caring for Repairing Exhibition & Féile, St James’s Hall and various venues across Kilbeggan, Westmeath, Thursday 3rd – Sunday 6th Nov, 2022. Mending and Fixing Workshops, Artist Talks, Restorative Activities and Live Performances, including the première of ‘Turning the Collar’ a documentary on professional repair practices. Programme details below (all events are free but capacity where indicated is limited or booking is required).

Thursday 3rd Nov

Community Conversations

St James Hall, Kilbeggan
  • 18.30-20.30 // Once We Are Farmers

    The farming community has been at the heart of repair activism for the last decade with key cases, particularly in the US providing precedent for change. This prelude conversation to our weekend exhibition and Féile will kick off with what ways Irish Farmers can enhance the repairability of their machines with illustrator Mark Flood capturing the conversations and computer and agriculture repair specialist Sherwood Technologies sharing their work.

    No booking required; more details here.

Friday 4th Nov

Exhibition Opening — 4pm-21.30

St James's Hall and the Community Hub on the Hill, Kilbeggan

Drop-in to any Friday event, no booking required.

St James Hall
  • 16.00-18.00 // Repair Declaration Debate

    Across 10-months in 2022, Repair Acts collected statements about what people in Westmeath would put into a “Repair Declaration“. These statements explore how we can foster stronger and richer local, repair based cultures. Invited guests give their response and reflections on what has been generated, with the chat captured by illustrator Mark Flood.

  • 18.30-onwards // Caring for Repairing,  Exhibition Opening and Welcome Speeches

    Exhibition opening and welcome speeches.

    Exhibiting works generated by Repair Acts, lead artist Teresa Dillon with exhibition design in collaboration with architect Ana Filipovich and Men Shed, Mullingar. Archival research and text collated by Dillon, Alma Clavin, Robin Ferguson and Maya Vizel-Schwartz illustrates changes in professional repair practices across the last eight decades. With installation based documentary, video, textile and images based works weaving past, present and future local and global narratives of repair, together with stories gathered from the People’s Archive of Everyday Repair..

  • 19.30 // Documentary Premiere

    Premiere of ‘Turning the Collar – On the nature of things, their care and maintenance’. Documentary exploring professional repair practices in Westmeath. Spotlighting 16 individuals and companies, reflections on the nature of contemporary material-based repair, it’s demands, traditions, conditions, joys and struggles are captured against the back drop of the county’s lakes and landscapes.

  • 20.30-21.15 // TokTek

    Musician Tom Verbruggen aka TokTek is known for live sampling techniques. Working with everyday objects, broken electronics and local musicians, TokTek will create a unique sonic affair that is not to be missed.

McNamara’s Lounge
  • 22.00-00.00 // Live Music and Open Mic Session

Saturday 5th November

Caring for Repairing Exhibition continues, St. James’s Hall, Community Hub, Main Street

  • 10.00-16.00 // Dig The Glitch Workshop, TokTek, National School (Main Hall)

    Working with broken electronic toys, TokTek and guests take you on a sonic journey that transforms that broken, glitchy toy into a sonic, art object. Ten parent-child spaces available, ideal for ages 12-17yrs, registration required here.

  • 10.00-16.00 // Lace Affair, Fiona Harrington, The Distillery

    Artist Fiona Harrington is known for her lace based works. Learn the basics of needle lace and the lace making process. No prior experience needed, all materials provided. Workshop number limited to 12 persons, registration required here.

  • 11.00-16.00 // Of Mortars and Stone Walls, Part 1 O’Dwyer Masonry and Anú Heritage, THE YARD (across from the Distillery/N91 AF83)

    Join stonemasons Neil O’Dwyer and David Corrigan (O’Dwyer Masonry) and conservation consultant Caroline Gethings (Anú Heritage) for this two-day workshop that takes place over Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th.The workshop brings you through the basics of dry stone walling and it’s repair and how to approach heritage repairs. Limited to 15 persons, need to be available for both days, registration required here.

  • 10.00-11.30 // Fun Mends With Noelle, Library

    Ideal for those busy little fingers (3-6yrs) reuses gems such as lids, caps and toilet roll holders to create fabulous creatures. Limited to 10 children, registration required here.

  • 10.00-13.00 // Parent-and-Child Build-Your-Own Toolbox Workshop, St. James's Hall

    Join Dave Kavanagh from the Rediscovery Centre to make your own toolbox made from reclaimed pallet wood timber. During this workshop, Dave will guide you through the process of assembling your own toolbox and you get to bring the finished product home with you. This is a family friendly workshop for parents and children. All equipment will be provided by the Rediscovery Centre. Suitable for children aged 7 – 12 years old. Children must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of this course. Workshop is free but numbers are limited to eight parent-child places and booking is required. Details and booking info are here

  • 11.00-13.30 // Meet at the bridge, Ruth Illingworth, meeting point outside Kilbeggan Chocolate and Coffee Bar

    Historian and tour guide, Ruth Illingworth provides her take on Kilbeggan’s rich industrial heritage and its links to repair. Limited to 30 persons with registration required here.

  • 12.00-13.30 // Jiminy Toy Repair Café, Library

    Eco toy store Jiminy will diagnose, advise and provide live demonstrations on how to mend your broken toys. Materials provided. Drop-in session, no booking required.

  • 12.15-13.15 // Repairs From the Other Side, St. James’s Hall

    Moderated conversation on global perspectives on repair and waste with colleagues and community members from Brazil, India and the UK. Drop-in, no booking required.

  • 13.30-15.00 // Patching Workshop (ICA), St. James’s Hall

    Members of the ICA demonstrate patches and mends. Limited to 10 persons, booking required here.

  • 15.30-16.30 // Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh, Sugru In Conversation with Teresa Dillon, St. James’s Hall

    Join Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh artist, designer and award winning inventor who created Sugru, the world’s first mouldable ‘repair putty’ for a conversation about her work. Drop-in, no booking required.

  • 17.00-18.30 // David Kitt, St. James’s Hall

    Multitalented singer and musician David Kitt strips it back for live set in the minimalist surrounds of St James Hall. No booking required. Seating limited, first-come, first-serve.

  • 21.00-00.00 // Live gig + DJ, Larrigy’s Pub

    Live gig with Neil Moran with closing DJ set by David Kitt.

Sunday, 6th Nov

Caring for Repairing — 10.00-16.30

St James's Hall, Community Hub on the Hill and Main Street

  • 10.00-12.30 // Pop-Up Bike Repair Demos With Kenny, St. James’s Hall

    Take the fear out of fixing a bike puncture or changing a chain. Workshop aimed at anyone who wants to mend a bicycle. Hosted by Kenny’s Bi-cycle Shop. Drop in, no booking required.

  • 11.00-16.00 // Furniture Uplift, Chalk Paint Workshop, The Distillery

    Bring a small piece of furniture and learn how you can transform it into a fabulous new piece. Hosted by Claire Delabre upholster and owner of Handmade Design Studio. Entry level, all materials provided. Limited to 8 people, registration required here.

  • 11.00-16.00 // Of Mortars and Stone Walls, Part 2, THE YARD (across from the Distillery/N91 AF83)

    Part 2 of this dry stone walling and heritage build workshop with stonemasons Neil O’Dwyer and David Corrigan (O’Dwyer Masonry) and conservation consultant Caroline Gethings (Anú Heritage). Limited to 15 persons, need to be available for both days, registration required here.

  • 11.00-13.00 // Restoration of Ardan Wood, Woodland Walk, Meeting point Ardan wood

    Family oriented walk with the Native Woodland Trust on the restoration of the ancient woodland, ArdanWood. Limited to 35 people, registration required here with details on exact meeting point, provided with registration.

  • 13.00-14.00 // Restoring St. James’s Hall Projection Room, St. James’s Hall

    Conversation with Melaine McQuade, Westmeath CoCo Heritage Officer, Kilbeggan Development and Preservation Association and vintage cinema geek and founder of the Cube Cinema Bristol, Graeme Hogg. Drop in, no booking required. Drop in, no booking required.

  • 14.00-16.00 // Fun Mends With Noelle, S.W.E.E.T.S

    Fun Mends With Noelle, S.W.E.E.T.S: Ideal for those busy little fingers (3-6yrs) reuses gems such as lids, caps and toilet roll holders to create fabulous creatures. Limited to 10 children, registration required here.

  • 14:00-16:00 // Pocket Forests, Harbour Road (N91 X898)

    Pocket Forests refer to a particular way of growing small biodiverse forests. Demonstration focused on how to develop your small patch of woodland in their garden or in their community. This event is intended for an adult audience. Limited to 15 people, registration required here.

  • 14.15-15.15 // Heart, Body, Mind, St. James’s Hall

    Health and fitness practitioners from Kilbeggan including Damian McManamon, Una Smith, Mary Gardner and Mick Murphy discuss care, repair and maintenance from a somatic perspective. Drop in, no booking required.

  • 15.30-16.30 // The Future is Now, St. James’s Hall

    Closing conversation hosted by Repair Acts with reflections by Manchán Magan, Westmeath CoCo, Micheál Callaghan, Community Wetlands Forum and Jude Sherry, anois. Drop in, no booking required.

  • 20.00-21.10 // Arán & Im, Manchán Magan, St. James’s Hall

    Theatrical performance and installation in which writer, author, television programme maker, Manchán Magan bakes sourdough bread for 70 minutes while offering insights into the wonders of the Irish language. Limited seating, registration required here.

  • 22.00-00.00 // The Saddlers Inn

    Closing Thanks.

  • Where booking is indicated follow event links and instructions to book your place. Please bring registration confirmation to the event.

    Where no booking is required, attendance will be based on first-come, first-serve. We advise turning up early, to avoid disappointment.

    Accessibility: Car parking and public toilets are indicated on our map. For those with mobility issues St James’s Hall, Community Hub, Distillery, The Library has ramp, ground floor access and/or lift access. However some aspects of St James’s Hall are only accessible via stairs. Subtitles will be made available on the documentary. Outdoor activities and workshops where indicated require appropriate footwear and clothing. Go raibh maith agat.

Makers, Menders, Fixers // Scholars, Councillors and Writers : Participants Biographies

Ana Filipovich Mecke: Architect, spatial designer, and independent researcher, Ana’s work focuses on spatial manifestations of power structures in society, and the collective imaginaries that emerge from them.

Alma Clavin: Researcher in the Cities, Governance and Sustainability group at the UCD School of Geography, Alma holds a PhD from Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development at Oxford Brookes University. Over the last two decades she has worked with a number of public, private and non-governmental organisations in Ireland and the UK on planning, energy and sustainability issues. A native and resident of Kilbeggan, in 2022 she established Repair Acts, Ireland with Teresa Dillon.

Anú Heritage: Founded by conservation consultant Caroline Gethings, Anú Heritage focuses on creating a holistic, community centered approaches to the preservation of the built environment. Holding a BA (hons) Caroline in Culture and Heritage and P.Grad. Dip in Applied Building Repair and Conservation from Trinity College, Dublin, Caroline brings her passion and practical know-how to all builds.

Dave Kavanagh. Rediscover Paint Programme Manager at the Rediscovery Centre. Dave has over 40 years of experience in the construction industry and has worked at the Rediscovery Centre for over four years. He originally trained as a carpenter and joiner and he currently oversees the Rediscover Paint programme. The Rediscover Paint programme takes donated paint from local recycling centres and remixes it into new colours. Dave brings his wealth of construction and upcycling experience to all of his workshops.

David Kitt: Musician, songwriter and music producer, David is known for his cross-genre music and “concise, modern pop-songs”. With a discography that spans over two decades, he has released nine studio albums to date and with the recent album “20”, released in July 2021. He has worked extensively with a number of artists and musicians and also performs under the name “New Jackson”. 

Damian McManamon: Damian is a Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation Therapist. Trained in the UK, he has worked in rehabilitation at Beaumont Hospital for the GAA on the Offaly/Westmeath hurley and football circuit. Damian now concentrates on running his clinic in Tullamore and gym in Kilbeggan, where his classes focus on Pilates, TRX, Sing and Bodypump. Complementing his physical-based practice, Damian is currently studying for a degree in Psychotherapy.

Fiona Harrington:  Recongised for her work in using handmade lace, Fiona creates reparative and contemporary art objects.  A graduate of Crawford College, Cork (Fine Art) and IDAT (MA), Fiona’s work has been featured in the Michel Angelo Foundation’s Homo Faber Guide, which celebrates European excellence in craftsmanship. Recent exhibitions including RHA Annual Exhibition (2022), Cairde Visual Arts festival (2022) and Soft Things in Hard Times, Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin (2022). 

Graeme Hogg: has a passion for salvaging and preserving cinema technology. A founding member of the Cube Microplex Cinema, Bristol, as an artist he works with cinema as a form of community activism, exploring its value in transform mythologies and igniting histories.

Gareth Anton Avrill: With a keen interest in film, vintage electronics, tape machines and hardware, Gareth combines old and new aesthetics to create beguiling sonic landscapes for film and TV. An accomplished performer, he has played, produced and collaborated with a number of Ireland’s leading electronic and pop musicians.

Handmade Design Studio: Located in Mullingar and established by Clair Delabre, Handmade Design Studio is an independent shop and studio that showcases the wealth of talent among Irish designers, makers and artists and carries out basic upholstery workshops and repairs.

Kenny Bi-cycle: In operation in Mullingar for over 25 years. Alongside advising people on bikes, Kenny’s is famed for running fun, accessible community bike repair workshops, such as those he runs at Columb Barracks. 

ICA (Irish Women’s Association): For over one hundred years the ICA has brought women in rural areas of Ireland together. With members actively learning together, sharing skills and providing each other with support. The association has spotlighted the handicrafts of women by providing safe spaces and opportunities for developing and exhibiting artisan, making and mending skills.

Jeffery Roe is a soft- and hardware engineer. With a wealth of experience in building public transport systems. He currently works for the technology company Telclic and in his spare time co-runs the annual ‘Dublin Maker’ Festival and Dublin’s Hackerspace Tog. Often found tinkering and building new digital devices, Jeffery runs community Repair Cafés and is the chairperson of Engineer’s Ireland, electronic and computing division.

Mark Flood: Illustrator and former member of the now legendary Irish animation collective, Delicious 9 (2001-2006), Mark’s humour, quick wit and and drawing skills are his weapons of choice. Having worked extensively with the Irish economist David McWilliams, Mark collaborates with others to demystify complex social and technical issues.

Matt Boyd: Cameraman and editor, specialising in producing high quality online promos, corporate videos, conference coverage, music videos and documentaries. Matt Boyd has worked extensively with a number of clients, including the former Science Gallery, ESB, Trinity College Dublin, UCD, Science Foundation Ireland, British Council, Accenture.

Mary Gardiner: Mary is a yoga teacher and founder of Shiva Yoga, Kilbeggan. Formally trained as a Physical Education teacher, Mary creates spaces for healing the mind and body, through an integrative approach that combines her passion for supporting people to tap into their inner strength and wisdom, with her knowledge of anatomical and mindfulness techniques.

Manchán Magan: Broadcaster, travel writer and playwright who wrote the Magan’s World column for The Irish Times for six years, and has written for The Guardian, the LA Times and Washington Post. Known for his environmental activism and love of the Irish language, recent publications include “Listen to the Land Speak” (2022) and Tree Dogs, Banshee Fingers and Other Irish Words for Nature (2021). In 2016 he ran for general election candidate for the Green Party in Longford/Westmeath with a focus on the potential of small-scale, sustainable development in the area.

Mícheál Callaghan: Mícheál is the Development Officer with the Community Wetlands Forum (CWF) – a platform and networking space for community wetland groups to share knowledge, ideas, research and best practice. With over 40 members and affiliated stakeholder groups, CWF aims to support the protection, management and wise use of Ireland’s wetlands for sustainable communities.

Michael Murphy: Is a qualified Athletics coach, with a focus in strength and condition (S&C) techniques, stress release and family centred exercise time. Michael runs a variety of fitness classes (HIIT, S&C) at the National School, Kilbeggan, where his clients range in age and ability.

Native Woodland Trust: Dedicated to the preservation of Ireland’s remaining ancient woodlands, The Native Woodland Trust focus on the restoration of Ireland’s original climax ecosystem, through the re-creation of woodlands, using only native seed. Through its membership and volunteer scheme it aims to safeguard ancient woodlands precious habitats from damage via the removal of harmful invasive species and the reintroduction of native trees that have been lost to the locality.

Neil Moran: Honing his craft since his teenage years, singer songwriter and Kilbeggan native Neil came into his own with the release of his debut EP ‘In Time’ and the recent ‘Here to Home’. Known for his emotive and sincere lyrics, he has toured extensively across Ireland and the U.S. and shared the bill with Glen Hansard, John Spillane, Mick Flannery and The Riptide Movement.

Noelle Dunne: Educator and sensory facilitator who lives with her family in Kilbeggan, Westmeath. With fifteen years’ experience in leading artistic and craft based sessions, in residential care homes and community based settings, Noelle’s person-centered approach focuses on enhancing people’s creative expression. Informed by her training in multimedia practices (BA Hons) her workshops look to how discarded and recycled materials can be reused in purposeful and fun ways.

O’Dwyers Masonry: Deeply rooted in the care, repair and conservation of our built heritage, O’Dwyer Masonry was co-founded by Neil O’Dwyer and David Corrigan both of whom trained in banker architectural masonry at the renowned York College. Operating from Multyfarnham, Westmeath the company have lead on conversation projects across the UK and Ireland, including those at Chatsworth House, Castle Howard, Caister Church, the Irish Dental Hospital, Adare Manor and Courthouse, Limerick, Fore Courts, Dublin and St Mary’s Church, Kilkenny. 

Pocket Forests: Pocket Forests is a method for planting native native trees, shrubs and wildflowers in small urban areas. Founded by event organiser Ashe Conard-Jones and writer, Catherine Cleary, Pocket Forests adapts Japanese botanist Akira Miyawake notion of the Tiny Forest by focusing on the use of recycled materials for enriching soil composition and the creation of accessible community-centred approaches. 

Rediscovery Centre: The National Centre for the Circular Economy in Ireland aka The Rediscovery Centre is a creative movement connecting people, ideas and resources to support greener low-carbon living. Located in the repurposed Boiler House in Ballymun, the centre brings together the skills and expertise of artists, scientists, designers and craftspeople united in a common purpose of sustainability

Robin Ferguson: An environmental specialist with over twenty-five years of government agency and regulatory experience, Robin’s work lies in analysing proposed actions for environmental and social impacts. As the research  associate and producer for Repair Acts, Ireland her work focused on archival research and supporting the project’s November programme.

Ruth Ilingworth: Historian, writer and tour guide, Ruth is known for her scholarship and knowledge of Westmeath. Having written extensively on many aspects of the county, Ruth’s most recent publications include the biography of the Northern Irish politician Sheelagh Murnaghan, “Sheelagh Murnaghan: Stormont’s Only Liberal MP” (2020), “A 1950s Irish Childhood” (2018) and “The Little Book of Westmeath” (2016). 

Sharon Keilthy. Founder and CEO of the award winning, Irish eco-toy company Jiminy. Sharon established Jiminy in 2018, as a means to stock sustainably-made new toys and to provide guides on repair hacks for existing toys, with the company soon to launch a service to sell refurbished preloved toys. Sharon’s commitment to reducing the carbon footprint and wasteful impact of toys has lead her to speak at global toy industry events, including a stint lecturing at the world’s only toy design degree at Otis College Los Angeles.

Sherwood Technologies: With over 15 yrs experience in electronics repair, Steve Sherwood founded Sherwood Technologies, Mullingar in 2019. Having initial learnt the trade from watching his father fix and mend TVs and computers, Steve is making a name in solving agricultural breakages and complex repairs.

Teresa Dillon: Artist and researcher, Teresa holds the post of Professor of City Futures at the School of Art and Design, UWE Bristol. In 2018 she established Repair Acts a means to explore relations between past, present and future forms of repair, care, maintenance and healing cultures. Sharing practices and methodologies from this work, in 2022 she co-developed the Irish branch of the project, with Alma Clavin.

TokTek: Behind TokTek stands musician and visual artist Tom Verbruggen, who designs and deconstructs his own electronic instruments, giving his music a unique character. His eclectic electronic style has been described as illogical hardware bending, where the outcome creates dramatic live compositions, which break down into delicate and tender sound moments.

Úna Smith: After completing a degree in Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Science, Úna worked for over 20 years as a college lecturer in London, developing and delivering courses in sports therapy and fitness at Further Education and Higher Eduction level. She is a native of Kilbeggan and is passionate about the role of soft tissue techniques in restoring body function to enhance movement and performance.