Pocket Forests Demonstration

Sun, November 6, 2022

14:00 - 16:00

Harbour Road, Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath N91X898

Writer Catherine Cleary and event organiser Ashe Conard-Jones came across a concept called Tiny Forests during lockdown in the spring of 2020 and loved it. Pocket Forests is a method for planting native native trees, shrubs and wildflowers in small urban areas. In their nature-deprived 2k radius in the inner city they saw potential pockets for urban native forests everywhere. Pocket Forests adapts Japanese botanist Akira Miyawake notion of the Tiny Forest by focusing on the use of recycled materials for enriching soil composition and the creation of accessible community-centred approaches. Reaching out to groups such as Afforestt in India, Earthwatch Europe and IVN Nature Education, Netherlands who adopting the technique in their respective countries. The Pocket Forest team our now building a group swell of tiny forests in private gardens and community areas throughout Ireland.

Learn how to enhance and restore the biodiversity in your area with the Pocket Forest team

The Pocket Forests team has created a method of planting native trees, shrubs and wildflowers in small urban areas adapted from the work of Japanese botanist Akira Miyawake. Miyawake created the concept of the Tiny Forests, where ‘layers’ – a canopy layer of tall trees, a shrub layer and ground cover are created so as to replicate the layering and biodiversity support that we see in larger forests. Pocket Forests extends this idea by looking at how we can also bring in recycled materials to support such grow.

Working with a private plot in Kilbeggan the Pocket Forests team will provide a demonstration of how to develop your own Pocket Forest. Focusing on 15sqm area a mix of native trees and shrubs will be planted into pre-prepared soil using leaf litter from existing local broadleaf woodlands. The intended audience for this event is adults and older children.

As this session will be taking place outside, we recommend dressing in warm clothes and with appropriate footwear.

Tea and coffee provided. As numbers are limited to 15 persons, registration is required via EventBrite.