How To Build A Repair Declaration

Thu, August 4, 2022

14:00 - 17:00

Fleadh Cheoil, Mullingar Park, Westmeath County Council, Green Tent

Do you think we should have walk-in mobile repair units in every town and village? Do you think we should make repairing things, fun, easy and accessible or that we should give VAT or tax breaks on repaired goods? Should we make International Repair Day a major day in Ireland for celebrating our repair cultures?

Repair Act’s Ireland aim’s to build the countries first Repair Declaration that is a set of intentions, actions and statements that look too how we can develop more vibrant, local repair cultures. Inspired by the activism and work of the Right to Repair movement, and that of artists, designers and others who have been thinking about care, repair and maintenance now for some time, we will be running a workshop title “How To Build A Repair Declaration”.

In partnership with Westmeath County Council and as part of the Fleadh Cheoil we’ll be running at the a session on “How To Build A Repair Declaration” at the “Green Tent” in Mullingar Park. The workshop is free to attend and open to a general public, meaning you do not need ticket to the Fleadh to attend. The workshop take place in the Westmeath County Council “Green Tent” in Mullingar Park by Mullingar, Swimming Pool.

Image: Repair Slogans, Teresa Dillon (2018)