Ideal workshop for those busy little fingers (3-6yrs), who enjoying craft activities that use and recycle everyday materials.

Stuff we use everyday, lids, caps and toilet roll holders, where does it all go when we are finished with it? To the bottom of the sea? To the middle of the lake? No, no, “Fun Mends With Noelle” reuses such everyday gems to help you make fabulous creatures, from butterflies and bees to owls and insects.

Noelle Dunne is an educator and sensory facilitator who lives with her family in Kilbeggan, Westmeath. With fifteen years’ experience in leading artistic and craft based sessions, in residential care homes and community based settings, Noelle’s person-centered approach focuses on enhancing people’s creative expression. Informed by her training in multimedia practices (BA Hons) her workshops look to how discarded and recycled materials can be reused in purposeful and fun ways.