Family Storytelling Workshop

Join us for a family, intergenerational storytelling workshop at Mullingar Library on Thursday May 18th from 3-4pm.

We welcome all grandparents, parents and children to share their stories of a much loved object that you have repaired. For the workshop, please bring a picture or an object of a repaired or broken piece of clothing, jewellery box and heirloom. During the workshop we will be asking you to tell us the story behind the object. How did it get broken, how was it fixed and why? We also want to hear your tips for keep something good, or the trouble you went to get something fixed.

All stories will be uploaded to our website on the day and contribute to building the “People’s Archive of Everyday Repair”.

The workshop is free to attend but registration is required, via the link above. Refreshments (tea, coffee, juice, water and fruit) will be provided.