Discovery Session

Wed, February 2, 2022

19:00 - 20:30

Online via Zoom

Facilitators: Teresa Dillon & Alma Clavin

Our Discovery Sessions are online evenings, where people can share your stories of repairing, fixing and mending things and find out about our project intentions and approach.

From your memories of local repair people, shops and services, to your DIY repair adventures, to the tips your granny gave to keep something good, or the trouble you went to get your favourite boots, loved piece of furniture or family heirloom fixed.

We would love for you to share your story about what you repaired and how you did it.

Each Discovery Session will last 1.5hrs and will be held online via Zoom. To the support the conversation, we will be asking you to submit a picture of a repaired object and also to share your views on why repairing ‘things’ is important.

Full details on how to submit your picture, including support details for how to join via Zoom will be shared prior to the event. Once our website is up and running, will be asking you also add your story to our collection.